Pocketbook Grip 9 Bolt

9 Bolt Pocketbook Comealong Grips for the pulling of wire up to an initial sag-tension; self-contained unit no loose parts. Our clamps are modeled from industry standard. Clamp down bolts are peened so when opened for installation, flange nuts will not be lost.  Grips are custom made to your cable needs.  Orders typically ship in 1-4 days.

9 Bolt Pocketbook Grip
9 Bolt Pocketbook Grip


Length:  41″ overall

Weight:  68+/- lbs.

Maximum tension limit: 20,000 lbs or 50% of the rated strength of the conductor, whichever is smaller

Size Range:  .875” – 2.50” diameter

Bolt size:  3/4” steel

Bale:  3/4” steel

Torque:  75 ft-lb

Regular Price: $1384

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