Detail of a Pocketbook Grip (typically ships within 1-4 days)
Detail of Pocketbook Grip (quality made in the USA)
Detail of Pocketbook Grip (custom milled to your requirements)
Detail of Pocketbook Grip (available as 4,6 or 9 bolt grip)
Detail of Pocketbook Grip (Trivalent Zinc Chromate Finish Bail)
Detail of Pocketbook Grip (keep your projects on deadline)
Detail of Pocketbook Grip (Precision machined extruded aluminum)
Detail of Pocketbook Grip (max tension limit up to 20,000 lbs)
Detail of Pocketbook Grip (hight strength alloy steel bolts)
Detail of Pocketbook Grip (quality pocketbook grips since 2009)
CNC milling of a Pocketbook Grip (precision engineering)
Measuring  milled part (precision manufacturing )
Orders typically ship within 1-4 days.
Pocketbook Grips
Quality made in the USA.
Custom-milled to your requirements .
Available as 4, 6 or 9 bolt grip
Trivalent Zinc Chromate Finish Bails
Keep your projects on deadline.
Precision machined extruded aluminum.
Max tension limit up to 20,000 lbs
High strength alloy steel bolts
Quality pocketbook grips. Since 2009.
Precision engineering.
Precision manufacturing.
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Pocketbook Grips

We produce 4-bolt6-bolt and 9-bolt wire pulling grips used in sagging, dead-ending and splicing overhead conductor. These come along style clamping tools are custom bored to fit OPGW, ACSR, ACSS, AAC and ACAR conductors. MRP has been serving the electric utility and line construction industry since 2009. Most orders are shipped in 1-3 days helping to keep projects on time and on budget.


We will help you quote the right tool for the job. On time. Every time.

9-bolt Pocketbook Grip

9-bolt Pocketbook Grip

Maximum tension limit: 20,000 lbs or 50% of the rated strength of the conductor, whichever is smaller

6-bolt Pocketbook Grip

6-bolt Pocketbook Grip

Maximum tension limit: 12,000 lbs or 50% of the rated strength of the conductor, whichever is smaller

4-bolt Pocketbook Grip

4-bolt Pocketbook Grip

Maximum tension limit: 5,000 lbs or 50% of the rated strength of the conductor, whichever is smaller

MRP Manufacturing

Where making stuff is fun! MRP is a family owned and operated OEM manufacturing company that focuses on competitively priced, high quality precision-machined and fabricated products and services. Our pledge to our customers is to be responsive, friendly and to get it right the first time. All products are fabricated right here in New Hampshire.

Customer-Driven • Continuous Improvement

No matter what we are making, quality, precision and customer satisfaction is what drives us. In 2019 we added trivalent zinc chromate to our pocketbook grip bails to drastically reduce rusting in the field. In 2020, we improved our 6 bolt pocketbook grip body to reduce weight and simplify installment. Many of our automotive parts are added at customer request. Listening is our super power.

CAD Design of a Pocketbook Grip


Performance MRP is the performance automotive division of MRP Manufacturing, LLC. We design and fabricate more after-market mass airflow housing variations than any other company in the United States.


We like to stay busy at MRP Manufacturing! Small to medium production run jobs and prototype projects are our strength. Our customers range from first time inventors to billion dollar corporations.

We’ll help you quote the right tool for the job.
On time. Every time.